Our Team


Jason Habib – Director of Sales & Marketing

Responsibilities: National presence, local focus

Credits: Recognized a great company like ACi and said “I want in”

Jason joined ACi Distributing Inc. in 2020 looking to expand upon the successes of our past by further aligning with our valued customers in the future.  Jason has over 20 years of sales experience including wholesale, retail and agency roles within the residential and commercial construction industry.


Brandi Maizie – Director of Operations

Responsibilities: Create, refine, polish and present

Credits: Ensuring ACi excellence now and into the future

Brandi has research, analysis and writing experience and works with both qualitative and quantitative data. Brandi has experience working in non-profit, customer service, and public service sectors. Specifically, she has expertise in working in politics, housing and community.


Sue Cunnings – Client Relations Manager

Responsibilities: All of it, and everything else

Credits: Crowd favourite. Navigates the waters and walks the lines with ease. 

Sue joined ACi Distributing Inc. in 2018 with a background in Manufacturing Execution Systems, with 10 years of experience in advanced applications, software and framework. She also has her Oracle OCP designation. Sue is our main point of contact for customers and vendors.


Nancy Kapell – Accounting Manager

Responsibilities: Bills paid and books balanced

Credits: Knows our systems, knows your systems… helps them play nice together

Nancy brings over 20 years experience providing extensive management and accounting services. Nancy has operated a Management Contracting Service company across Western Canada for many years.

Johanne Audet, B.Sc. Eng., MBA
Founder of ACi Distributing Inc.

Credits: The big “A” in ACi, 20 years of our operational excellence, industry expert, financial literacy, mentoring

Darryl Chobotiuk
Founder of ACi Distributing Inc.

Credits: The big “C” in ACi, 20 years of our sales success, catalyst to growth, entrepreneurial spirit